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Welcome to Talking River Books, my love affair with paper!  Every book made here is unique.  I use beautiful handmade papers, found objects, beads and buttons...  I haunt art stores and antique shops for little things that delight and inspire me.  A carved Chinese buddha bead.  An old photograph.  I am always inventing new books and can customize one for you.  If you have any questions, please email me!

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Softbound journals, hand stitched

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Night Flights

"Night Flights"
Dream Journal. Here's a shimmery place to record and interpret your dreams, with a beautiful Midsummer Night's Dream illustration by Arthur Rackham (Wind in the Willows).  Coil bound so it opens nice and flat.  Keep it by your bedside with your favorite pen.
 $10 Postage Paid.


Small Journals

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Wrap Journals

Coptic Binding


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Blue Motif

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Yellow Motif

Whether you're going to Machu Picchu or Cape Cod, you can commemorate your trip with a custom made scrapbook or journal.  These are handmade and covered, soft, hard or coil bound, and filled with layered papers, ephemera, sparkly things, textiles, pockets, fridge poetry, miniature CDs, and any number of other fun, interactive things.  Do you need a little sewing kit?  A place to put phone numbers or tickets?  A Thank You card for your host?  I can incorporate just about anything that's flat (or nearly so).  It's the perfect gift, for yourself or someone else.

Custom Orders -- Email for Pricing

"This was no ordinary travel journal.  It was unique to me and my trip alone...  It was a work of art before I added anything, as personal as a fingerprint."
- Hilarie Jones, Peru Traveler

Small Journals:

"What little treasures.  They just glow from deep down."

- James Talbot, Artist

"...VERY good looking.   It makes me want one, and I don't even write small some of the time!"
- Natalie Flowers, Artist, Quilter, Singer-Songwriter, and One Who Writes Very Small
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"Clover House Book" -- opens on both sides

A Trip to Peru

Birdhouse -- one book in the house, one book in the roof


Six people were traveling to Peru for the Winter Solstice (our Summer Solstice).  Most had been before, and were excited about participating, again, in the renewal and rebirth rituals at Amaru Wanka, Machu Picchu, and other places.  They wanted a way to remember the trip that was more than just a photo album, or a blank journal.

Talking River Books created six unique, destination-specific journals for them.  Each 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" book contained the traveller's name, dates of the trip, and a day-by-day vellum itinerary.  A journal section had areas to write about each place visited, and an image from that city or site.  Flanking the journal were pages of thoughtful travel quotes, places to put photos later on, pockets with vitamin C packets and individual hand-wipes (and the closable pockets could later be used for souvenirs -- one even had a "porthole" to see what was inside), and decorative ephemera.   The covers were handmade, fabric-covered, and each one coil bound in a matching color.  For good measure, a pen was clipped into the coil before packaging.

My objective is to make travel journals that make one want to travel, garden journals that inspire one to plant seeds.  In fact, TR's Garden Journal actually has plantable, seed-embedded paper.  It also has fridge magnet words (and a strip magnet to put them on); information about companion planting, beneficial insects, and composting; garden-related poetry and famous quotations; a place for one to journal one's own garden; and a mini-CD with a specially chosen song that can be played on any CD player.  The only thing it doesn't do is weed!

Other books available are:
Night Flights Dream Journal (see above right)
Heal the Heart Journals
My Dog / My Cat (or other pet; great for children)
Best Friends
School Year
Small Blank Journals approx. 4" x 5"
Inner Goddess Journals
and Others limited only by our Imagination.

These make wonderfully unique gifts, since each one will be different based on papers and fabric available, and the inspiration of the moment.  (I've made some Africa journals, for example, using fabric that came directly from the marketplace in Accra, Ghana.)  I will work with you to make your book uniquely yours -- something that fits your life, your heart, and the event (or friend) you want to treasure.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and for pricing info. 


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Travel Journal

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Name & Dates;
Yellow Envelope on Right
contains Photo Corners

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Garden Journal with
Plantable Paper

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Mini CD (3")


Happy Customers

Travel Journals:

"I was overwhelmed upon receiving [the journal]; I've never seen such a beautiful and personalized gift.  And then, I simply was compelled to fill it as the days went by.   There was no way I could have ignored that gorgeous book.  What a creative Spirit you are!"
- Elizabeth Busch, Tour Facilitator

"I didn't want it to end!  I truly felt as though this book were a miniature gift within a gift... a little world that made me want to explore it with my senses, feeling the textures, experiencing the little details, untying the strings and packages, reading the cute messages and enjoying the artistic blend of it all."
- Ann Velazco, Peru Traveler